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The Friends of Hurst Castle was formed in 1986 to act as a support group to a local site belonging to English Heritage.

In "Boys' Night", he hangs out with Mitch, Cam, Pepper, Crispin, and Jay on their "boys' night out". ", he invites Mitch and Cam to a boutique opening and they go along with Claire, as she needs a fun night out.We're not sure if we should blame the Rockets who could have just panned to a couple clearly displaying PDA.We're not sure if our hearts should break for this innocent pair who were just trying to watch some basketball. Unfortunately, after one too many seconds, the Rockets decided to pull a move greater than any basketball trick we've seen this season.It's time to bust out the caution tape and declare this the friend zone.While the viral clip stops soon after, we can't help but acknowledge the final seconds.

Is it just us, or is someone's face getting as red as their T-shirt?

“How I Met Your Mother,” at its best, wasn’t a show about Ted meeting anyone. Why It’s Not “Friends”: Yes, both “Friends” and “How I Met Your Mother” used a central romantic through-line to help sustain 10 and nine years of programming (respectively). Their overly complicated romance — adjectives applicable to the show in general — faltered more times than it flourished. Then there was a long romance that ultimately failed on its own terms (not because they were “on a break”) — only to be rekindled, seemingly at random, again and again until the final result: an ending that left most people feeling betrayed.

“Friends” saved its best for last, and made getting there incredibly fun (even if the last two years had some bumps).

Why it’s Like “Friends”: Premiering just a year after “Friends” ended in 2004, “How I Met Your Mother” tried to take the best aspects of the NBC classic and wrap them around a mysterious reveal: Who’s the mom?

The CBS crew traded in a coffee shop (Central Perk) for a bar (Mac Laren’s) and Ross & Rachel for Ted & Robin, but otherwise held to the same principles as its predecessor (they even kept the multi-cam format, complete with laugh track, despite being sold as the “modern” “Friends”).

“Happy Endings” worked best because it was a true ensemble comedy (like “Friends”).

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    Cordelia, who referred to him as her "Little Songbird", often called for him to sing to her, which he was happily inclined to.